You can contact me via the Barking Bear (aka Epicski) forums. I am skiking4 so just send me a PM (private message). You can request for a run, give feedback to the site, etc.

Barking Bear/Epicski forum:

Happy trail hunting!


Update 17: March 1st, 2011: Mont Tremblant is updated with high-res stats, while Jay Peak has a few new stats as well. I just came back from both and had a great time and took a bunch of pics, a few of which I uploaded. So there are new pics for both resorts. A problem with trying to measure a run like the Face Chutes is that Google Earth does not record vertical terrain, which the Face Chutes a have a lot of (cliffs). Just a heads up.

Update 16: February 6th, 2011: Hey! Once again, nearly another year since the last update! Another slight update, as the stats on the New York page are completely updated with the completion of Gore Mountain and Belleayre today. The stats are more accurate now and different, so be sure to check them out.

Update 15; March 8th, 2010: Nearly a YEAR since the last update. Only a slight update however. Whiteface, Hunter, and Windham all have new and updated images so I redid the trails at both resorts. The Slides are steep...

Update 14; April 24th, 2009: Sorry for the long time w/o an update, but every request I believe was added (there was about 7 different people!? Thanks for everyone's requests to helping me improve this site!). What was added is the PA page, Suicide Six in Vermont, Holiday Valley in NY, and many requests for some Jay Peak trails. There were 3 people (!) who had said that they thought Green Beret @ Jay Peak was steeper in person so I redid it... and indeed this time it came out to be steeper. Enjoy and keep contacting me about the site!

Update 13; February 27th, 2009: Trail Analysis Update No. 2. After 3.5 hours, Lower Ovation @ Killington, White Nitro @ Sugarloaf USA, and World Cup @ Stratton are the new additions to The Trail Analysis. Man, do these take a while! Also redid White Nitro's overall slope; I had forgotten the lower part!

Update 12; February 26th, 2009: An update is finally made after a month and a half. Le Massif and Mont Sainte Anne were added. I wish I could do more runs at Mont Sainte Anne but my Google Earth froze at least 8 times, just trying to get down the two runs I could get. This has been the only mountain I've had trouble with so this is pretty weird. But the biggest update is THE TRAIL ANALYSIS. For example, I started off with Ripcord @ Mount Snow. For every 10 vertical feet, I listed the slope grade of that section. It has a data table and graph. Please send me a PM for feedback on either of the two forums. EXPECT MORE UPDATES TO COME WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!

Update 11; January 10th, 2009: Added the feature of when a mountain's stats are in low-res, then the data has a greater chance of being unreliable. Expect more trails and pictures coming soon! Also Tramline @ Cannon was added to the New Hampshire section.

Update 10; January 4th, 2009: Advertised on Digg. Added Contact Me/Updates page.
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